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My Teaching Team

Started May 2, 2022

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Are you looking for ways to add structure, focus, and impact to your collaborative group meetings?  MTT offers resources to help teams focus on teacher-student interactions that matter most for students' learning and to share their practices with one another in ways that support effective classroom interactions and enhanced student experiences.  


Teams using MTT can focus on one aspect of classroom interactions at a time, plan specific strategies they want to try in their classrooms, video record and review their own classroom practices, then share short, self-selected segments of their videos with their teammates to get feedback and support.



Teams can decide which of the 8 MTT topics are the best fit for them and choose how many meetings to spend on each topic.  Resources include powerpoint slides with discussion questions to guide team meetings, short videos of actual classrooms for teams to analyze, guided planning prompts for each topic, and step-by-step guidelines for a research-supported method of sharing videos of efforts in the classroom. The MTT model for PLCs is aligned with many school districts' existing goals of promoting collaboration among teachers, building students sense of belonging and connection in the classroom, engaging students, and developing students' abilities to deeply understand and analyze content. MTT can be especially helpful for teams of teachers looking to add structure and focus to meetings and interested in focusing on how they are interacting with their students. MTT picks up where some traditional co-planning leaves off by shifting the focus from what will be taught, to how teachers can maximize the positive impact of their interactions with their students.

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