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Core Skill Routines - Communicate is a Course

Core Skill Routines - Communicate

Started Oct 9, 2023


Full course description

A child’s early language and literacy skills are foundational and set the stage for a love of reading, writing, and learning. Learn about the Core Skill Routines that support the development of key Communicate skills. 

This course includes 3 learning modules that cover the following Regulate routines: 

· Talking Stick 

· Name Writing 

· Journals 

· Writing Center 

Get to know each routine and see what it looks like in action! Along the way, we’ll offer tips and ideas for using these routines in your learning space. 

Each module: 

· Explores a routine using lessons, activities, and short quizzes. 

· Takes about 20 minutes to complete. 

· Tracks your progress, so you can pick back up where you left off. 

Once you complete all of the modules, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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